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December 2011

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New: 19 Icons & 2 Colorbars


Jessica Alba:

1) 2) 3)
4) 5)


6) 7) 8)
9) 10)


11) 12) 13) 14)
15) 16) 17) 18)









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Lol, i love the Boone colourbar. Great ;)
Thanks, I'm glad that you like it.
Thank you. I'm glad that you like them.
Took 2 & 5. Thank you.
Thanks. I like your screen name. :)
Thanks, I'm glad that you like them. :)
Lovin #1 - taking & crediting :)
Thank you. I'm glad that you like it.
+ memories @ _colorbarlove_
Cool, thanks.
5 is great
Thank you.
snagging 2 and 4 of Jessica, awesome icons. Will credit. ;)
Thanks for taking. I'm glad that you like them. :)
Ooh, shiny! Could I please have #18? [if they're up for grabs, that is]
Of course you can use #18. They're all up for grabs, so feel free to use any of them that you want. :)
took all the Jessicas and a few of the Losts :)
Thanks for taking. Glad that you like them. :)
Didn't take any, but lovin' your taste :)
Thank you.
Love the Jessica Alba ones. :)
I saved the Supernatural ones,if I use any I'll definetly credit them to you.They are awesome.
Thank you. I'm glad that you like them.
Not snagging any but I totally giggled at #17. *sigh*
Thanks. I think...
Lovely SN ones! ;)
Thank you. :) I like what yours says, too.
Saving 16 and 17 from Supernatural for when I do a icon refresh in the near future.
Sweet job on the icons!

oooooooooooo Jessica A.

So lovely. Sup dude? How goes life?
Have you seen Kyle XY yet it stars Matt Dallas, hes a doll.
Took #7 because Sawyer just looks so beautiful with a knife pressed against him. (I need more userpics. I had to get rid of stripper Tammy for this...)

And I also took the Boone colorbar, because truer words were never spoken.

And OMFGHOT! (Holy shit, you just managed to induce fanboy speak. For a show I don't even watch!) I really need to start watching Supernatural... That way I can snag all of the kink. ;)

(But for now you've put me in a Lost mood, so I'm off to go rewatch Hearts and Minds.)
Stripper Tammy. Knifeplay Sawyer. Why is it that you always only take my kinky icons? ;)

OMFGHOT! I don't think that I've ever heard you use that expression before. LMAO. I will take it as a sign and say that you seriously, seriously, seriously need to start watching Supernatural. It's like incest central.

Ah yes, Hearts and Minds. My favorite episode of Lost and also my worst. Why did they feel the need to put PseudoHetBoone! in the same episode as Bondage!Boone?



LOVE the supernatural icons.
im putting them on my site but as soon as i do ill be putting credit to you up
thanksss :)

chells xo


Re: supernatural

Cool. Let me know when you've got 'em up. Thanks.
Umm, well I'm glad that you like it...

And I now I have to go throw up.


If i can find some kyle xy pics maybe you can make me a matt dallas one.

btw hun i have a new guiding light/buffy the vampire slayer story in my journal its called the edge of darkness

Oh and I got someone to make me some 'Colin McCabe' icons so you dont have to worry about making me one of him now. I missed the episode where he and Reva kissed Im so dissapointed.

I have to go Im hurting alot with siuns pain.
I've never watched Buffy.

And you didn't really miss much with the kiss. They make great friends, but there really was no heat...

Hope your sinus's get better.
I took 1, 3, and 4 of the Jessica Alba ones. Great job. Loved the art style on the rest of them and the "bitches are love" colourbar. Jensen really is "so beautiful it burns...". God, I'd kill for an icon that said that. If I give you a cookie, will you make me one? :D Even though I don't know you? Great job again. I'm off to search for more of your icons. :p
Thanks, I'm glad that you like them. :)

How's this?

(I figured I might as well post it here, since it'll probably be awhile before I have enough to post another whole batch.)
Hi!! I just added you back and came over to nose around and WOW! What brilliant icons :)

I have to snag a couple of the SPN ones, if that's OK? I'll credit, of course.

Wonderful work!
Sure, it's more than ok. Snag whichever ones you like. I'm glad that you like them and thanks for adding back. :)
Hi Sandy

I'd completely forgotten Supernatural the show, I'm watching the on where Dean got electrocuted, and went to a faith healer. I'm confused, is that the season/series finale or whatever? Does Dean die?

I like the show I just forget it's on.
No, the one where he gets electrocuted isn't the finale. And he doesn't die.
gorgeous! snagging #17 as it goes great with my new fic. will credit of course.
Thanks. I'm glad you like it.
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