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December 2011

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New icon communities!

Well, I decided to make a couple of icon communities because I noticed that the old ones had gotten deleted.  I don't even watch GL anymore, but I'd gotten nostalgic one night and made some icons, then I realized the community had been deleted. So if you watch As the World Turns or Guiding Light, please join and post your icons.  (Don't worry, I'll still be posting all of my icons here too. ;))



I've been getting back into icon making now lately...  I'm usually up 'til 6-8 am because I either can't or don't wanna go to sleep.  I got so used to falling asleep in his arms that falling asleep alone is torture (and not the good kind).  Yeah, I'm that pathetic...  Sadness wise I don't feel much different from the day it ended.  I guess I'm not as angry but that was a conscious effort on my part... To just realize that the anger is only hurting myself, and aren't I already hurting enough?  Besides, I'm so tired all the time that I honestly don't have the energy for anger.  Depression is more than enough emotion for me...  And, of course, those stupid bits of hope that always manage to creep in.  Ugh.  I am trying to get rid of them, but it is just too hard.  He was IS my soulmate.  I know that and pretending otherwise just isn't working.  So I guess that I have to hope because if I don't than I'll have to accept the fact that I will be alone for the rest of my life.  Fucking wonderful. 


Ok, I joined the GL group. Do you know the story of how the last one went down, or should I fill ya in on all the dirty lil' details?

You know I quit watchin' ATWT when that Alison and Aaron BS was goin' on!

And, dude... You'll only be alone forevs if ya resign yourself to it. 'Member that, k?
No, I don't know the story. Tell me? *sits in your lap*

Alison and Aaron were smokin' the first time around, they should have never tried to repeat it with new Alison... I know you really wanted her with Chris, but you missed a lot. First, she was with Casey which was soo disgusting. The boring factor was even worse than with Aaron, because at least with Aaron she would run off and screw Chris. She was annoying me until Hunter came on the show... They had some hot kisses, and he wanted to sleep with her, but she kept pulling back and by the time she was willing to go for it he had found out that she was really his sister. I'm still want them to fuck, though. (Damn,looks like I'm the one who told you a story.)

You should join my community anyways. Hell, I don't even watch GL anymore and I made the damned thing.

I just... I don't wanna settle. And it isn't fair for me to be with someone that I'm just gonna keep comparing to Brian, is it? I could be holding them back from wherever it is they're supposed to be.
*dry humps*
Duuuude, I sat in your lap for a story, not for dry humping. ROTFLMAO.
OK, sorry. A lot of the icons on here make me horny!

So anywho, the story. Em didn't wanna mod the community anymore so she gave it away. But the bitch that she gave it to locked it so that only she could post icons! Then, sometime after that she just deleted the whole thing. I wish that Em had stayed on. She was cool.