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My List This Year

1. Love- I love him, still. All I can really ask for here is your prayers and positive thoughts. Or your true stories of how peoples loves came back to them after years away.

2. Pokemon - Anything.

3. G3 My Little Ponies or merch - Anything!

4. Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa stuff - I’m fascinated by this man, but I only have 2 of his books. I’ve watched everything on YouTube already. So if you have any books (even ebooks) or DVDs or whatever that would be great. If you have links where I can watch stuff online that isn’t on YouTube that will work too. Or if you’ve met him then tell me your story.

5. CA Lottery scratchers - Send me your losing scratchers so I can enter the codes in the RePlay game.  (Though I won't object to new or winning scratchers either.)  Or you can just e-mail me the codes and save yourself the postage.

6. Splenda Quick Packs- (I want to surprise my mom with these.)

7. Postage supplies - Especially a scale or stamps.

8. Dinosaurs - Anything.

9. Mythological creatures/ Cryptids - Anything.

10. Send me something that you think I need. Something that will improve my life.

If you need my address then please comment with your e-mail or e-mail me:


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